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Yahoot! News Thu, Aug 21, 2003
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White House Silent On Slappo for Gov.
1 hour, 59 minutes ago
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By Horst Farbazoz

WASHINGTON (Geuters) - The White House was silent yesterday and today on the news that an apparent space alien was making a bid for Governor of California. Slappo (news - web sites) announced his candidacy on monday. Some unnamed sources at the CIA were quoted as saying that "it is better to let sleeping dogs lie" and that "Area 51 would be a good place to start your research" about Slappo, but officials at the CIA said that the sources in question were disgruntled former employees, and were not to be trusted. Officlas would not comment further.

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Slappo made headlines for a variety of reasons, most notably that he is a punching ballon toy that can talk, and is quite articulate about his positions. Sending out a huge media campaign early in the week, Slappo's campaign is utilizing catchy slogans (news) such as "Because Arianna Talks Too Much" and "Because Simon Lost the Last Time." Confusion reigned however, in one ad, showing Slappo in an Elvis costume, with the slogan "Recall the Jester, Restore the King". Officials are not sure if that is Slappo, or a similar creature that looks like Elvis.

Speculation about multiple Slappos is brewing, as beleaguered California Governor Gray Davis hired a new Press Secretary, named Mohammed Saeed al-Slappo (news). Some speculate Slappo is working undercover against Davis, others that there are more than one of them. Speculation includes the possibility of a "Slappinator", evoking images of Republican challenger Arnold Schwarzenegger' film role as "The Terminator".

Governor Davis is facing a recall election after criticism of his handling of California fiscal policy. Hundreds of challengers are going to be on the ballot October 7th. Slappo is a last minute addition to the ballot.

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